It's Such a Beautiful Day

It's Such a Beautiful Day


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It's Such a Beautiful Day (2012)

Opened: 10/05/2012 Limited

IFC Center10/05/2012 - 10/11/20127 days

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Genre: Animated Anthology

Rated: Unrated


The new animated feature film from Oscar-nominated director Don Hertzfeldt! A series of dark and troubling events force Bill to reckon with the meaning of his life - or lack thereof.

Cult animator and Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt has combined his recent "Bill" trilogy of short films into one seamless, beautiful, darkly comedic feature, blending traditional animation, experimental optical effects, trick photography, and new digital hybrids printed out one frame at a time.

As individual short films, Chap­ter One, Every­thing Will Be OK, won the Sun­dance Film Festival's Jury Award in Short Film­mak­ing and was named by many crit­ics as one of the "best films of 2007; Chap­ter Two, I Am So Proud of You, received twenty-seven awards and was described by the San Fran­cisco Inter­na­tional Film Fes­ti­val as "[his] best yet... even the Hertzfeldt faith­ful may be too stunned to laugh."; Chap­ter Three, It's Such a Beau­ti­ful Day played at the 2012 Sun­dance Film Fes­ti­val.