The Painting

The Painting

A scene from THE PAINTING, a film by Jean-Francois Laguionie. Picture courtesy GKIDS. All rights reserved.

The Painting


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The Painting (2011/2013)

Also Known As: Le Tableau

Opened: 05/10/2013 Limited

Village East05/10/2013 - 05/30/201321 days
The Nuart05/24/2013 - 05/30/20137 days
Kendall Square...05/24/2013 - 05/30/20137 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: French Animated Film (English or French w/English subtitles)

Rated: Unrated


In this wryly inventive parable, a kingdom within a painting is divided into three castes: the impeccably colored Alldunns, the incomplete Halfies, and the barely outlined Sketchies who are treated as outcasts. Chastised for her forbidden love of the dashing Ramo, Claire runs away into the cursed forest. Ramo and his friends journey after her, crossing over the boundaries of the forest only to arrive at the very edge of the painting -- where they tumble through the canvas and into the Painter's studio. The abandoned workspace is strewn with paintings, each containing its own vividly animated world and characters -- and in a feast for both the eyes and the imagination, Ramo, Lola, Quill and Magenta explore picture after picture, in a quest to discover just what the Painter has in mind for his creations.

Selected Quotes

"Enchanting! This consistently enjoyable, inventive and beautifully crafted tale is a color riot suitable for all ages! A constant feast for the eyes!" -- Variety

"A Wondrous Discovery!" -- Premiere

"So refreshing, so satisfying, that it shows traditional animation is far from exhausted!" -- Le Monde

"An animated gem, sparkling with a thousand creative ideas!" -- Studio Cine