The Identical

The Identical

Blake Rayne stars in THE IDENTICAL, a film directed by Dustin Marcellino. Photo credit: Katherine Bomboy Thornton. Image courtesy Freestyle Releasing. All rights reserved.

The Identical

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  • Wade Cummins
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The Identical (2014)

Opened: 09/05/2014 Wide

Harkins09/05/2014 - 09/25/201421 days
Methuen 2009/05/2014 - 09/18/201414 days
AMC Deer Valley09/05/2014 - 09/18/201414 days
Showcase Lowell09/05/2014 - 09/11/20147 days
Arclight/LA09/05/2014 - 09/11/20147 days
AMC Empire 2509/05/2014 - 09/11/20147 days

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Genre: Family Drama

Rated: PG for thematic material and smoking.

If He is in your dreams, nothing can stand against them.

The Identical is a redemptive movie about a young man, the son of a preacher, who rejects his father's desire for him to join the ministry and instead embarks on a career as a rock singer. As he struggles to pursue his dream and rise to stardom, he finds love, pain, success and failure, and ultimately uncovers a hidden family secret that reveals who he really is. It's a captivating story about a family restored, and a life discovered.


A pastor's son who feels a call to sing, not preach, learns a shocking secret about his life that explains his past and shapes his future in THE IDENTICAL, a drama set against the backdrop of rock'n'roll's 1950s heyday that powerfully explores two questions that constantly tug at our souls: "Who am I?" and "What am I here for?"

RYAN WADE (Blake Rayne) grows up during the Great Depression as the only child of a country pastor (Ray Liotta) and his wife (Ashley Judd), unaware he is not their biological son, but one of a pair of twins born to a poor couple in the church who gave him to the Wade family and kept his brother to raise themselves. Ryan grows up encouraged by the Wades to pursue the pastorate -- a goal he grows increasingly disinterested in as he begins to dabble in his lifelong love: music.

Tensions with the Rev. Wade come to a head when Ryan decides to drop out of seminary and pursue music full time with his best friend (Seth Green). Encouraged by his wife (Erin Cottrell) and employer (Joe Pantoliano), Ryan embarks on an unpredictable, provocative path - performing the legendary music of Drexel Hemsley in sold-out venues all across the country. But when the two men's destinies tragically collide, Ryan discovers Drexel is more than just his inspiration: he's his identical twin. A reeling Ryan is left to question everything he's ever believed about God, family and his own identity.

THE IDENTICAL is a City of Peace Films production featuring the talents of three generations of the Marcellino family from Nashville, TN. Dustin Marcellino is the first time director, Jerry Marcellino co-wrote the 20 plus original songs with his son Yochanan, who is the founder of City of Peace Films. Yochanan and Don Noes are the two men who propelled the movie to the big screen by raising the production funding and the film's marketing budget.

Director's Statement

The Identical has been a labor of love. It's a story about miracles, calling, destiny and fighting for your God-given dreams. Being such, we have poured our own hearts out for this beautiful story. Everyone involved has believed in its ability to touch hearts and souls in a way that is real and where people live in their lives. I sincerely hope that you enjoy The Identical as much as we enjoyed making it.

-- Dustin Marcellino, Director