Dana Delany and John Malkovich in DRUNKBOAT, a film by Bob Meyer. Picture courtesy of Left Bank Films. All rights reserved.


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Drunkboat (2010/2012)

Opened: 07/13/2012 Limited

Limited (11+)07/13/2012
AMC Empire 2507/13/2012 - 07/19/20127 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

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Genre: Drama

Rated: Unrated


After twenty years of broken bottles and empty hallways, Mort Gleason witnesses his nephew Moo being beaten while in a drunken stupor. The short contact with family brings Mort back to what are left of his senses and he returns to the last home he remembers in Chicago.

His sister Eileen lives in their family home now with her sixteen year old son, Abe. Her older son Moo, the now missing nephew, helped spark Mort's return to his family. Three, four, five weeks pass as Mort waits outside his home and makes a tenuous re-entry into family life.

Abe dreams of a sailboat and distant horizons. He saves money and sees an advertisement for the Kathy II. He and his friend calculate a way to buy the vessel from two unscrupulous rogues who make ends meet wholesaling liquor and operating a sometime boatyard.

Eileen, however, is unaware that her youngest son is planning his escape. Comfortable enough with Mort's presence to allow her a night away from home, Eileen's departure allows Abe to seize the opportunity that his mother's absence provides. He purchases a beaten-up wooden sailboat that he scheduled to be delivered to their house while Mort is in charge.

Cast Biographies

Jacob Zachar (Abe)

Zachar was born in Chicago, Illinois (his Greek character, Rusty Cartwright, is also from Chicago). He attended St. Francis Borgia elementary school. He also attended St. Patrick High School, an all-boysCatholic school in Chicago. Zachar booked his first starring role after living in Los Angeles for only two months. He played the part of Ernest in the film Little Big Top and then appeared as a cashier in the movie Bodega, also in 2006. He has also done commercials for Carl's Jr. and Dunkin' Donuts. He has performed in various theater roles such as On Golden Pond, Prairie Lights, Big: The Musical, Les Miserables and Guys and Dolls. His most recent television role on the show Greek has been going strong for 3 years.

Zachar provided voices for the movie Surf's Up and an episode of the animated television series King of the Hill where he was a cashier. Zachar stars along with Dana Delany, John Malkovich and John Goodman in Drunkboat (2010).

John Malkovich (Mort)

In 1976, John Malkovich joined Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, newly founded by his friend Gary Sinise. After that, it would take seven years before Malkovich would show up in New York and win an Obie in Sam Shepard's play "True West". In 1984, Malkovich would appear with Dustin Hoffman in the Broadway revival of "Death of a Salesman", which would earn him an Emmy when it was made into a made-for-TV movie the next year. His big-screen debut would be as the blind lodger in Places in the Heart (1984), which earned him an Academy Award Nomination for best supporting actor. Other films would follow, including The Killing Fields (1984) and The Glass Menagerie (1987), but he would be well remembered as Vicomte de Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons (1988). Playing against Michelle Pfeiffer and Glenn Close in a costume picture helped raise his standing in the industry. He would be cast as the psychotic political assassin in Clint Eastwood's In the Line of Fire (1993), for which he would be nominated for both the Academy Award and the Golden Globe. In 1994, Malkovich would portray the sinister Kurtz in the made-for-TV movie Heart of Darkness (1993) (TV), taking the story to Africa as it was originally written, and in 2010 he would Produce and star in Drunkboat. Malkovich has periodically returned to Chicago to both act and direct.

Dana Delany (Eileen)

Dana Welles Delany was born on March 13, 1956, in New York City and raised in Stamford, Connecticut. Dana knew early in life that she wanted to be an actress. Following graduation from Wesleyan University, this tall (5'7") beauty moved to New York and developed her skills working in daytime television and theater. Dana starred in the Broadway show "A Life" and received critical acclaim in a number of off-Broadway productions as well. Her role in Nicholas Kazan's controversial "Bloodmoon" in New York led her to Hollywood. Dana acted in a number of TV series, working steadily until she could get her own starring vehicle. That happened in 1988 when Dana became identified with Army nurse Colleen McMurphy in ABC TV's critically acclaimed series "China Beach" (1988), the role earning her three Emmy nominations and two Emmy Awards as Best Actress. Dana also starred in Desperate Housewives for 3 years and currently starring in Body of Proof.

Dana moved on to movies and eventually started getting starring roles in films, such as Exit to Eden (1994) and now, Drunkboat (2010). With over a dozen TV and movie projects within the last few years, Dana is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood

John Goodman (Mr. Fletcher)

AKA Will Merrel (born June 20, 1952) is an American film, television, and stage actor. He is best known for his role on the television series Roseanne, as well as his work with the Coen brothers, and as the voice of Sully in the film Monsters, Inc. John Goodman was born in Affton, Missouri, the son of Virginia, a store clerk and waitress who worked at Jack and Phil's Bar-B-Que, and Leslie Goodman, a postal worker who died of a heart attack in 1954. He has a sister, Elisabeth, and a brother, Leslie, with his extended family living in St. Louis, Missouri.

Goodman went to Affton High School, where he played football and dabbled in theater. He then won a football scholarship to Southwest Missouri State University, now called Missouri State University. He pledged the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, but was not formally initiated until several decades later. He admittedly "wasted a year in the keg," before discovering Southwest Missouri's drama program. He studied there with actors Kathleen Turner and Tess Harper. After a college injury ended his football career, he decided to become a professional actor, leaving Missouri for New York in 1975.

With a small bankroll from his brother, he found an apartment on Ninth Avenue and 51st street near the Theatre District, Manhattan, and attempted (unsuccessfully) to earn money as a bartender and waiter. But, he was soon to find modest success on stage, in commercials and in voice over performance. He was the person who slapped himself in the commercial for Skin Bracer by Mennen, saying the famous line "Thanks...I needed that!". He performed off Broadway and in dinner theatres, before getting character roles in movies during the early 1980s.

In 1978 he joined fellow actors Dennis Quaid, Bruce Willis and Kevin Kline in the Broadway production of Loose Ends.

He plays the role of Mr. Fletcher, a con artist, in Drunkboat (2010).