Gei Oni

Gei Oni

A scene from GEI ONI, a film by Dan Wolman. Picture courtesy Dan Wolman Productions . All rights reserved.

Gei Oni

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Gei Oni (2012)

Also Known As: Valley of Fortitude, Valley of Strength

Opened: 07/13/2012 QUAD Cinema

QUAD Cinema07/13/2012 - 07/19/20127 days

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Genre: Israeli Historical Drama (In Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Yiddish, Turkish w/English subtitles)

Rated: Unrated

Based on a Novel by Shulamit Lapid


GEI ONI interweaves a unique love story with the harsh realities of the first wave of Jewish European migration to the Ottoman-ruled Palestine of the 1880's. Having survived a Russian pogrom in which all other members of her family were killed, 17 year-old Fania (in an award-winning debut performance by Tamar Alkan), her infant daughter, her elderly uncle, and her traumatized brother arrive at the port of Jaffa, with a harrowing secret and no means of support. Having no real choice, Fania marries Yechiel, a native Jew and young widower with two small children. Fania and Yechiel set out to his small settlement near Safed, where Yechiel and other daring pioneers are trying to cultivate the barren lands which they bought from local Arabs. Though Fania is burdened by her secret, without sharing it with her husband their marriage can not be consummated and their life together cannot truly begin. On another level, GEI ONI is the story of the beginning of the realization of the Jewish dream to return to the land of Zion in the late 19th century.

Select Quotes

"Best film in Jerusalem Film Festival" -- Maariv Online

"...a small masterpiece ...Dan Wolman has made us a little marvel ... I loved it heart and soul" -- Author, Yoram Kenyuk

"The presentation of women in Israeli films has always been problematic. Dan Wolman's adaptation of Shulamit Lapid's best seller does historical justice to women's representation in Israeli cinema and touches the heart in it's sincerity". "Alkan delivers one of the greatest debut performances in the history of Israeli film. -- Walla, Oshra Schwatrz

"Four and 1/2 stars" -- Bidur Vebama Entertainment & Stage

Select Awards

WINNER: Tamar Alkan Best Actress of the Year -- Israeli Film Critic Association, 2011

WINNER: "The Golden Rooster" - Best Foreign Film Audience Award One Hundred Flowers Film Festival, He Fei, China.

WINNER: Special Jury Award, Medias Film Festival, Rumania

WINNER: Best Film -- Berlin & Strasburg Jewish Film Fests