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Please Subscribe

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Please Subscribe (2012/2013)

Also Known As: Please Subscribe: A Documentary About YouTubers

Opened: 02/05/2013 Limited

Nationwide02/05/2013 - 02/05/20131 day
Monica 4-Plex02/05/2013 - 02/05/20131 day

Trailer: Click for trailer

Websites: Home, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Genre: Documentary

Rated: Unrated


Please Subscribe is a documentary that explains the phenomenon of some of the most influential and unique content creators raising the bar on Youtube and for online media in general. Through a series of intimate narrative vignettes, the film explores the different journeys taken by some of the medium's top creators to get where they are today. The film focuses on one main question that is "What makes a YouTuber?" Ask anyone in the community and they will each provide a different answer. No one thing makes a YouTuber, but rather it's the journey these creators have taken to pave their own unique path.


Hannah Hart (My Harto)

Hannah Hart, who posts YouTube videos under the name MyHarto, found great success with her web show "My Drunk Kitchen" which is a cooking show that is exactly what it sounds like. Hannah is adjusting to her newly relocated life while simultaneously trying to understand her own sudden popularity boom, often catching herself in a state of disbelief as to the dream her life has become. Using her awareness of the green behind her ears as a reality check knowing that one day the time of her being able to make a living filming a show in her kitchen on her webcam could soon become fond memories.

Mitchell Davis (LiveLavaLive)

Mitchell Davis isn't what you'd expect to see if someone said that they were going to introduce you to a five-year veteran online personality with over 600 thousand subscribers. His converse sneakers might have you fooled, but this YouTuber has been around since the beginning of YouTube, having stumbled into his life path much the way one might suspect: on accident. But what is not apparent is that creating videos is much more than a job for Mitchell, it's the life changing remedy to a secret he's been hiding from the world.

Adam Montoya (SeaNanners)

For most people, playing video games is a procrastination activity that keeps us from working. For Seananners, playing video games is his job. Made possible through his popular game play videos and commentary on his channel, Seananners life has become ever the middle schoolers dream from previews of games before their release, to getting paid to play all the best new video games for a living. Often the most perplexing to explain to anyone with a day job, Seananners career and day-to-day life truly signify a changing of the times.

Grace Helbig (Daily Grace)

Grace Helbig works every day. Her job isn't like the other nine to fives, but then again, Grace isn't like the other nine to fivers. Grace puts out a video every weekday on and YouTube. Each with a different theme, and each watched by hundreds of thousands of people.For this she is known simply as Daily Grace. Fairly new to the YouTube game, Grace came into the space with a preexisting notion about it: that YouTube was for cats and screaming children. Set out to bring something new and funny to the Internet, Grace has become one of the more popular women the site, even at one point earning the title of King of the Web.

Craig Benzine (Wheezy Waiter)

Wheezy Waiter has asthma and was a waiter; and has around 400 thousand subscribers on YouTube. The Chicagoan is one of the few professional YouTubers that have yet to make the trek out to join the LA community. Loved for his dry sense of humor, Wheezy initially set out to make a name for himself with his band but instead found his notoriety as a bearded straight-faced funny man on the Internet. He now finds himself in his own video's pre-roll advertisements, his whole life having been completely changed by YouTube. That is to say, except for his perspective of it.

Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan)

You've probably seen Joe Penna before. You just haven't known it. The mysterious man behind the dark sunglasses created a business of his own from his online successes. Originally an auteur of sorts creating stop motion and cleverly edited music videos, one can always tell a MysteryGuitarman creation. The co-founder of the Big Frame network of YouTubers, Joe gives an exclusive look into the journey and hard work that allowed him and his wife to start their own flourishing business of creating new Internet stars.

Will Hyde (TheWillofDC)

As with any online community, politics and drama eventually emerge; and just as any community would want a trusted news source, as does The Will of DC provides. Will found his niche online through those who found their niche online. Creating a show that recaps the community's top players' subscriber fluctuation as well as which new comers are making a name for themselves. In doing so, Will has found himself a spot at Maker Studios, one of the biggest YouTube creator networks, and has earned himself a career, a crew, and a set that could rival that of a daytime television show.

Dan Brown (PogoBat)

Some people spend their lives on the Internet. Dan Brown literally handed his over to it. A long time YouTuber and vlogger, Dan created a project in which he handed over his life choices to his audience. A project that notoriously failed and sent Dan's subscriber count plummeting. Having risen from the ashes, Dan has found himself a new home for his talents, and a new perspective on what it means to work in online media.