Into the White

Into the White

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Into the White (2012/2013)

Also Known As: Comrade, Cross of Honour

Opened: 04/12/2013 Limited

Columbus, OH04/12/2013 - 04/18/20137 days

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Genre: War Drama

Rated: R for language.

Inspired by the true World War II story.

Enemy WWII fighter pilots find themselves face to face after shooting down each other's planes over a desolate landscape, and must set aside the rules of war in order to survive. Based on a true story.


At the beginning of World War II a hostile chance encounter in the skies above the harsh Norwegian wilderness leaves two aircraft -- one British, one German -- shot down in a remote and isolated region. By strange coincidence the crews seek shelter in the same cabin. They must battle to survive the brutal winter in order to get back to the war -- and to fighting one another.

Although war has made them enemies, as the days go by animosity proves hard to maintain. Mutual need leads to unlikely friendships, and the rules of war must be put aside.

Director's Statement

The whole idea of making the film is to explore what happens when two enemies meet and are forced to survive together. In the world today with so many conflicts I find it utterly important to tell stories that portray human beings as people who deeply need each other. An investigation in what happens when prejudices and enmity is put to a test.

INTO THE WHITE is an anti-war story, with incredible relevance in today's world. The story cleverly unfolds not on the battlefield, but in an isolated cabin where the "real world" -- the flawed world of failed ideologies and corrupt governments -- are out of the picture.

What fascinates me with this story is its simplicity. We begin with a distinct image of the characters as enemies, but it dissolves into the simple realization: they need each other.

-- Petter Naess 2012