King's Faith

King's Faith

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King's Faith (2013)

Opened: 04/26/2013 Limited


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Genre: Drama

Rated: PG-13 for violence, some drug content and thematic elements.

Eighteen Foster Homes. Nine Arrests. One Life-Changing Moment.


Brendan King is a foster kid who grew up on the wrong side of the law, graduating from five-finger discounts and fights on the playground to drug-dealing and gun-running as a member of the multi-racial gang called Avenue D. Arrested in a federal raid when he was fifteen and imprisoned for three years until his parole at eighteen, Brendan has found a relationship with God, and with it he has turned his life around. Upon his release, he moves in with a new foster family, Mike and Vanessa Stubbs, and starts attending high school in a suburb near the city where he grew up.

Now on the outside, Brendan vows to keep things on track: he works hard at his studies, lands an after school job and joins The Seekers, a faith-based teen group that works on community service projects. Driving home from school one afternoon, he discovers a car accident and saves a girl trapped inside the burning wreck. The girl, Natalie Jenkins, is a very popular teen at his school. Along with being student council president, she is at the top of her class in academics. The accident makes front page news and thrusts both of them into the local spotlight, Brendan for being the gang member turned hero, Natalie for drugs that were found in her car by the police.

When Natalie is sentenced to court ordered community service with The Seekers, she is determined to finish her hours as quickly as she can and get back on track with her life. But after spending time with Brendan and the other kids in the group, she finds herself looking inward. It leads her to reveal to Brendan a terrible secret she has been hiding, something that has kept her from a relationship with God.

Through Brendan's support, Natalie starts to discover faith and, with it, a deeper purpose. Brendan is finding something as well acceptance in this new world. But will it last?

Members from Brendan's old gang have arrived looking for a substantial quantity of drugs their former leader hid before he was killed -- the location of which they are sure Brendan knows despite his repeated attempts to tell them otherwise.

With the gang threatening to hurt Natalie and his new family, Brendan must take increasingly drastic measures including a confrontation with his former gang. The devastating chain of events he sets off could destroy everything he's built his new world upon.