Clark (played by Mark Henrickson) introduces his wife and baby in COLOSSUS, a mockumentary by Mark Henrickson. Picture copyright 2013 and courtesy Lackluster Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved.


  • Mark Henrickson
Also Starring:
  • Ilya Sokolov
  • Owen Conforte
  • Joshua Strange
  • Bill Byers
  • Dan Colageo
  • Anastasia Grishakova
  • Valery Novikov
  • Ksenia Leonidovna Khairova
  • Elena Dudina
  • Polina Belenkaya
  • Mark Hendrickson
  • Mark Hendrickson
  • Mark Hendrickson
  • Alla Iefimova
  • Alexey Matskavich
  • Ksenya Melnikova
Executive Producer:
  • Greg McKean
  • Dmitry Volkoff
  • Bill Byers
  • Greg McKean
  • Thomas Bartlett
Music Supervisor:
  • Joshua Strange
Production Company:
  • Lackluster Entertainment

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Colossus (2013)

Opened: 07/19/2013 Limited

Quad Cinema/NY07/19/2013 - 07/25/20137 days

Trailer: Click for trailer

Websites: Home, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Genre: Music Mocumentary

Rated: Unrated

New York Times Critics' Pick! (Click for full review)


Anne Borin PR

New York's QUAD Cinema and Lackluster Productions are delighted to announce the US Theatrical premiere of writer-director Mark Hendrickson's mocumentary, COLOSSUS, (134 minutes) after its world premiere to enthusiastic audiences at the Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center in St. Petersburg, Russia as part of the Megapolis Film Festival.

Shot in new Russia, Hendrickson creates a tightly nested narrative for the ex-pat con man, CLARK LARSON (played by Hendrickson), who spent the last 17 years wheeling and dealing in Russia's twilight of commerce and graft. Now, at the top of his game and before his soul has completely vanished, he decides to "give back" something in return for all he has taken: a film to illustrate and instruct the audience in "the power of bullshit, lies and intimidation".

As a means to his redemption Hendrickson wants to impart a fundamental truth: the world can be strong-armed by a very passionate and relentless few. "The Bolsheviks succeeded in selling to one of the world's largest nations a crude ideology that essentially abolished freedom....a shining example of the creation of culture through manipulation" and proof that "anyone can step up and seize history. Our movie is an allegory of that same process."

To teach this lesson and post this warning, Hendrickson sets out (with no money) to invent a heavy- metal artificial rock band, launch its first national tour across Russia, and make a film to tell the tale.

Framed by a pixilated montage of the history of Russia since Lenin (scored by Frank Zappa) and filmed in the exotic underground world of St. Petersburg and Moscow (including Bunker 47, a Khrushchev Era nuclear bunker 18 stories below street level and now repurposed as a private club) Hendrickson's deception takes on a life of its own as he engages an international crew and cast of emerging talent, sweeping them up in his schemes. He trains amateur musicians to perform like rock stars, uses a drug-addicted poet to write lyrics for his songs and exposes himself to a ruthless underworld as he succeeds in turning his artificial rock band into a national sensation--all the while, tempting us to wonder, who's going to get the last laugh?

"I made this movie as a celebration of doubt," Hendrickson says. "A lot of endeavors celebrate faith. I'm a New Yorker. I believe faith and doubt need to be kept in balance. We've done something that's a mixture. It shows you need both."

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About the Music

Mark Henrickson has been at the center of writing, arranging, producing and performing the film's music, choosing and arranging the "cover" songs performed in the film, and playing guitar, drums and performing vocals on many of the tracks of the Soundtrack Album, which is due out in August. Hendrickson co-wrote the first single from the upcoming album, an original song, "Fire in the Hole" by Actor/Musician Ilya Sokoloff, who plays the lead singer in the film. This single will be digitally released on Wednesday, June 26th. The next several singles, slated to be released in August, are cover songs by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, David Byrne, Sly Stone and the BeeGees. Notes Hendrickson, "Despite all the lies, twists and turns, the one thing that remains absolutely real is the music, which is truly the core of the movie."

About the Martial Arts

COLOSSUS features scenes demonstrating a highly secretive and deadly form of martial arts, called "The System", now in the midst of a National resurgence. DANIEL RYABKO, son of Grandmaster, MICHAIL RIAKOV, trained the COLOSSUS cast in this ancient Russian discipline based on yoga, once forbidden under Stalin and reserved only for his special forces, the Spetznaz.


Mark Hendrickson (Director, Writer, Producer, Clark Larson) is originally from Long Island, New York. He formally studied music and theater for most of his youth, attending St. Thomas Choir School in New York as a boy soprano. He continued to study drums and singing through college.

In the late 1980s, he attended New York University film school as an undergraduate, where he met Greg McKean, the co-executive producer of COLOSSUS. In 1995, Mark and Greg spent a year in Cambodia producing a documentary feature titled "Year of the Pig". After several years of developing and producing various film and music projects (without commercial success), he completely changed direction in 1999 and focused on business.

In 2008 Hendrickson retired from actively running his companies to dedicate himself once again to strictly creative endeavors. That same year, he founded Lackluster Entertainment and began producing COLOSSUS.

Greg McKean (Executive Producer, Director of Photography) has been working in film production since he graduated from New York University in 1991. His first working experience began as an assistant editor on the independent feature "Bronx War" while still studying at NYU.

In 1991, he bagan to work with Maysles Films in New York City as their equipment manager and staff assistant cameraman for Albert Maysles. His work with Maysles Films included feature documentaries with HBO, PBS, Sports Illustrated and Christo & Jean Claude.

From 1994-1996, Gregory traveled and worked extensively in South East Asia, including camerawork on an independently financed documentary focusing on the "Doi Moi" or "Renovation" movement in Vietnam and the rich history of Vietnamese art and literature. These experiences led him to develop a project with long-time movie making co-conspirator Mark Hendrickson. In 1995 the two met up in Phnom Penh to live and work for a year on a documentary, titled "Year of the Pig".

In the late 90's Greg began working more frequently on feature Television productions. He has since started his own production company, AiR, and works as an independent producer and editor.

Alla Iefimova (Producer) was born and raised in Kharkov, Ukraine. She graduated from "PUA" Academy (Kharkov, Ukraine) in 2004 with a diploma of Reader-Interpreter. At the age of 26 she moved to Moscow, Russia. Since 2006 she's participated in numerous PR projects as an independent producer and in 2010 was offered to become a producer of COLOSSUS. She is married and lives in Moscow, Russia.

Alexey Matskevitch (Producer) was born in Odessa, Ukraine where he attended I.I. Mechnikov National University and received two degrees for Philology and International Economics. Alexey is currently studying for his Masters in Public Administration.

Beginning in 2010 Alexey opened an advertising agency with a close friend and it was his involvement in organizing large scale events for Ukrainian and foreign companies that made him so well qualified for the COLOSSUS position.

Ksenya Melnikova (Producer) was born in Volgograd, Russia. When she was 3 years old, she and her parents moved to live in Odessa, Ukraine. When she was 18, she entered the Odessa National Economic University, majoring in International Economis. After graduation, she founded an Advertising Agency in Odessa, Ukraine, which she took time from to work on COLOSSUS.

Josh Strange (Music Supervisor/Audio Engineer/Musician) graduated from the New England School of Communications with a Bachelors of Science in Communications in 2010. Growing up in Fryeburg, ME, Josh studied contemporary jazz and modern drumming, and became interested in the recording arts early in life. After moving to Bangor to attend New England School of Communications, Josh began to widen his musical studies to guitar and bass, as well as honing his studio recording and live sound engineering skills. After graduation in 2009, Josh was the first person hired for COLOSSUS as Recording Engineer and Music Supervisor. Outside of COLOSSUS, Josh performs in the indie-pop band Temperature of the Sun, as well as free lance recording and live sound engineering in the greater Bangor area. He currently lives in Bangor with his fiance and COLOSSUS Crew member, Artist/Musician Allison Melton.

Maria Belova (Sound Recordist) was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. She is a graduate of the Moscow Comprehensive School. Before completing her studies, she began a seven-year music education degree in piano at The Glinka School of Music. Manya began her broadcast television carreer in 2005 as a Broadcast Technician and Sound Engineer with the Ostankino Federal State Unitary Enterprise. She continued to work as a sound engineer with Classica, LLC through 2007. In 2007, she began working on the television series "Sled" as a sound engineer, location recordist, boom operator and post-production supervisor.

Ekaterina Levina (Media Manager, Editor) was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. In 2006 she graduated from Humanities Gymnasium in Moscow, Russia. And passed preliminary examination for Faculty of Law at Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH), Moscow, Russia.

While studying law at RSUH she attended a semester at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden as exchange student, where she met her good friend Brendan Nerbonne. In a team with Brendan they produced their first short movie using Uppsala University equipment.

After graduating from Russian State University for the Humanities in 2011 she was hired as the Media Manager for COLOSSUS. After shooting was complete, she was invited to join the COLOSSUS postproduction team at Tinderbox Productions in Bangor, ME as an editor.

Ren Chitoba-Lee (Assistant Director) was born in Moscow, Russia, in an American cultured family. During her school days she showed particular interest in music and sports. Starting with classical music education studying piano and voice, she also played soccer competitively for 4 years.

While at University, she joined a band as bass player and lead vocalist. Graduating as a Linguist specializing in Asian languages, she spent a year living in South Korea, mastering Korean and practicing Japanese. After coming back from Korea, she was hired as the Assistant Director of COLOSSUS.

Lada Eliseeva (Assistant Producer, 2nd Unit Producer) was born in Barnaul, Siberia. Lada graduated valedictorian of her high school. She majored in Political Science at University. In 2010 Lada moved to Moscow, to pursue a career in Cinema. She was hired as an Assistant Producer on COLOSSUS, and after shooting was complete, she became a Producer for all COLOSSUS 2nd Unit shoots. Lada has also worked on several other film and fashion projects as a Producer, Casting director, Model and Actress.

Allison Melton (Sculptor) was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Allison graduated with a bachelor's degree in Studio Art in 2006, she earned her MFA in Intermedia at the University of Maine in December 2011. Melton's creative work focuses on site-specific projects involving unlimited materials and she has been awarded several large-scale installation commissions. In addition to her creative work, Melton splits her time competing as a professional Lumber Jill and performing with her band, Temperature of the Sun, which she fronts alongside fellow COLOSSUS crew members and band mates Daniel Colageo and her Fiancee, Joshua Strange. Allison currently resides in Bangor, ME.

Anastasia Grishakova (Hair / Make-up / Wardrobe / Vocals) was born in 1986 in Moscow, Russia. She studied piano at a specialized musical high school. Then entered the State University of Management majoring in "Accounting, analysis and audit". In her sophomore year at the Institute, went to work for Citi Bank. After working several years in the banking sector, Anastasia underwent training in the International Academy of Make-up and Style. In 2009, Anastasia became the chief makeup artist in several film and television projects in Moscow She has worked with many leading TV companies and photographers in Moscow, and also worked as a wedding stylist. While working on COLOSSUS as a Make-up Artist and wardrobe consultant, she reconnected with her passion for music. She started to sing in the COLOSSUS Artificial Band on backing vocals. And then, with the help of band members, began to learn the guitar plaing and write music. One of her songs became the soundtrack to the movie. Today heads Wedding Agency "Celebrate It!" and continuing to work in the moviemaking and to write music. She is the happy mother of two sons.

Ilya Sokolov (Lead Singer) was born in Novosibirsk (Siberia) on May 3d 1979 in actor's family. At the age of 9 he began learning English in children's theater called "Smile" and after several visits to USA with all kinds of singing and dancing performances ended up graduating St. Timothy Middle School in Hartford, CT. Back home in 1994 he formed an Englishspeaking rock band called "Anatomy Of Soul" (1994-2009). After releasing couple of studio albums, solo records and touring all over Siberia the band moved to Moscow in 2004. His acting career also began during his childhood but after graduating Russian Theater Academy (?????) in 1999 he appeared on screen in a number of Russian motion pictures and TV series like "Agoniya Straha" (2007), "Antisex" (2008), "Tochka kipeniya" (2010), "Novosti" (2010) etc. In May 2011 he was offered to play the "lead singer" role in "COLOSSUS".

Bill Byers (Exec. Producer, Song Writer, Guitar) grew up in Amarillo Texas and later attended the University of Texas where he. studied film. He then moved to New York where he worked in film and played in rock-nroll bands. He later went to Moscow to build casinos in 1993 where he met Mark Hendrickson and played music together. He currently lives in NYC and where he does carpentry and pursues his rock-roll dreams with the band Ruckus Interruptus.

Owen Conforte (Lead Guitar, Composer) started playing at the age of 13, taking his first lessons from his father. Owen has been writing music and playing gigs since the age of 15. Developing a foundation in blues and rock, he starting studying jazz and classical in high school, winning awards at the state and national level, including the "Superior Musician Award" at the 2007 Berklee High School Jazz Festival.

While attending the University of Southern Maine for his Bachelors Degree in Music Performance, he worked with audio-engineer Joshua Strange to produce his first full-length album Thank You (2010). After graduating cum laude in 2012, he moved to Portland, Maine, where he currently resides. Today, Owen plays guitar in the Tony Boffa Band, plays and sings in the Larry Williams Band, and leads his own group, OC and the Offbeats. When he isn't performing or writing music, he holds an active lifestyle as a long distance runner.

Daniel Colageo (Drummer, Systema Practitioner) grew up in Westminster, MA, and is currently pursuing a degree in business administration at the University of Maine. Having been homeschooled nearly his entire academic life, Daniel was able to intensely focus practicing drums and martial arts, his steady hobbies since age 7. Since Daniel moved to Maine in 2002, he has performed with many bands of various genres including Rock, Metal, Funk, and Jazz. Daniel began studying Systema a year prior to signing on with Colossus, and is now an Instructor of Systema teaching in Bangor, ME. Daniel is a member of the local Bangor band Temperature of The Sun alongside James Reiss, Josh Strange and his fiance and front-liner of the band, Allison Melton.

Valery Novikov (As Himself) was born October, 21, 1958) is a wellknown Russian actor. He began acting in 1989. There are more than 50 roles in his filmography since 1989. He graduated from the Saratov Slonov Theater School in 1979. From 1979 till 1992 he worked in the Slonov Saratov State Academic Theater. He has been an actor with the International Chekhov Laboratory since 2008.

Ksenia Leonidovna Khairova (As Herself) was born March 29, 1969. She is also a well-known Russian stage and film actress. Her parents were artist Leonid Nepomnyashchii and actress Valentina Talyzina. In 1990 she She began her acting work in 1990, playing a small role in the movie "Nikolai Vavilov".

Since 1993 she is an actress TSATRA and now largely plays in TV series.

Elena Dudina (As Herself) was born in October 26, 1988 in Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Russia. She played sports from early childhood and won swimming junior tournament when she was 11. After graduating school, Elena enrolled in the theater class of Irina Podkopayeva in his hometown. She then entered the Moscow Art Theatre School, (studying under famous Russian artist Konstantin Raikin), which she graduated from in 2009.

In 2009 Elena began to perform on stage Mayakovsky Theater. She played in "Karamazovs," "Dead Souls", "The Golden Key" and "Boundary".

Polina Belenkaya (Clark's Wife) was born June 6, 1986 in Moscow, Russia. She is a Russian actress, stage director and the daughter of producer and playwright Uriy Belenkiy.

In 2006 she graduated from the Higher Theatre School at the Maly Theater, Afonin's course, and in 2007 received a diploma Outreach Cinematography in "Director". Polina is interested in linguistics and speaks fluent English and German.