Losers Take All (2011/2013)

Losers Take All

  • Kyle Gallner
  • Peter Brensinger
  • Aaron Himelstein
  • Billy Kay
  • Adam Herschman
  • Alexia Rasmussen
  • Tana Raymonde
  • Ashley Springer
  • Billie Worley
  • Allison Scagliotti
  • Alex Steyermark
  • Phase 4 Films

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Opened: 10/25/2013 Limited


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Genre: Comedy

Rated: Unrated


LOSERS TAKE ALL is a comedy set in the the world of indie rock, circa 1986. In it we follow The Fingers, who are formed when two average punks, Brian (KYLE GALLNER) and Dave (AARON HIMELSTEIN), recruit two reluctant metal heads--Billy (BILLY KAY) and Lance (PETER BRENSINGER)--into their band. After a discouraging start, they attract the services of Greg (ADAM HERSCHMAN), an oily and inept but well-meaning band manager/furniture salesman who sees The Fingers as his ticket out of his own humdrum existence.

What the four young misfits in The Fingers lack in polish and discipline, they make up for in antic energy, raw talent and dumb luck. And while they may be "losers" in the eyes of a buttoned-up mainstream society, they are determined to make their mark on the music world, or at least have a good time before everything falls apart.

With the help of Simone (ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI) and Vicky (ALEXIA RASMUSSEN)--two women who are way out of Brian and Dave's league, but who fall for them nonetheless--the Fingers seem poised for relative greatness. Even an A&R rep from a major label, Wendy (TANIA RAYMONDE) is sniffing around. All the guys have to do is not screw it up, which is easier said than done.

With original music rivaling the best college radio rock of the 1980's, as well as a soundtrack featuring the classic songs of Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, Minutemen, Guided by Voices, Black Flag, Meat Puppets, Mission of Burma, Bad Brains, Redd Kross, Minor Threat, The Descendents, Squirrel Bait, Zero Boys, The Lyres, Alex Chilton, Three Colors, Big Dipper, The Wipers, and David Porter, LOSERS TAKE ALL is a comedy about friends making music, as well as an unprecedented love letter to a seminal period of American indie rock...