It's Me, It's Me (2013)

It's Me, It's Me

  • Kazuya Kamenashi
  • Satoshi Miki
  • Satoshi Miki
Based on the Novel by:
  • Tomoyuki Hoshino

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Also Known As: Ore Ore

Opened: 11/08/2013 Limited

Cinema Village...11/08/2013 - 11/14/20137 days

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Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy/Drama

Rated: Unrated

The world is full of me.

Based on a popular Japanese contemporary novel, director Miki wrote the script himself, opting for an original, spellbinding ending that makes full use of the art. Realistic, surreal, funny and unnerving, this film will swallow you up in unfathomable suspense.


A casual scam triggers a surreal series of events, which turns everyone into "ME," who eventually turns on each other. This fantastical tale of "selfmultiplication" will be made into a ?lm by Satoshi Miki ("Adrift in Tokyo"('08), "Instant Swamp"('09) who has made his mark with his original worldview that renders his works a world of its own, which is known as "the Miki World." Kazuya Kamenashi of a popular boy-band, KAT-TUN, will star as the protagonist, Hitoshi, who is at ?rst disoriented in the world that is inhabited by so many Hitoshis, yet unexpectedly finds the uncomplicated relationships among "himselves" quite comfortable.

I am Hitoshi, aged 28. One day, I encounter another me. That Hitoshi tells me that he has actually met another Hitoshi, the week before. It looks like everyone turns into "ME". Before I know it, the world is filled with "ME" at a staggering speed. And in time, all these "MEs" start deleting other "MEs".