The Falls: Testament of Love (2013)

The Falls: Testament of Love

  • Nick Ferrucci
  • Benjamin Farmer
  • Jon Garcia
  • Jon Garcia
  • Jon Garcia
  • Breaking Glass Pictures
Production Company:
  • Lake Productions

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Opened: 11/08/2013 Limited

Arena Cinema11/08/2013 - 11/14/20137 days

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Genre: Drama

Rated: Unrated

The Falls: Testament of Love is a continuation of the story of RJ Smith and Chris Merrill, two Mormon missionaries that fell in love during their mission in a small town in Oregon. The boys haven't spoken in five years, but when an unexpected tragedy compells them back to the Oregon town where they served, they find themselves, once again, thrust into one another's lives.

As old feelings begin to surface they find themselves again facing difficult choices. If they pursue their desire to be together, RJ and Chris risk hurting the ones they care about as they embark on a spiritual journey to discover love, freedom, and happiness.


RJ and Chris were raised in the Mormon Church. Both accelerated academically, progressed ecclesiastically, and were eventually deemed worthy to serve their mission. The secrets of their lives were awakened while in the service of their fellow man. The Falls captured the lives of two American teens struggling to make sense of the conflicts between their worlds, their feelings, and each other.

Now five years after their mission, RJ Smith is living in Seattle, and has a long-term boyfriend Paul. RJ is a writer for a Seattle magazine, and making a name for himself as an author of LGBT subject matter. He is no longer a practicing Mormon, yet there is still much about him that is resonant of the Church in which he was raised. Though he is in a healthy relationship with his partner, Paul, he finds it hard to shake the memories of his mission. He finds himself reliving the events in his mind, or through his writing.

Chris Merrill, however, is still living in the Church, though he often thinks of his former Missionary Companion. He is dealing with his separation from the man he loves in a very different manner as he is still a devout Mormon and living what he believes to be an "honorable" life.

When an unexpected tragedy finds them in the small Oregon town where they served their mission--Clackamas Falls--they suddenly find themselves reliving the experiences that brought them together as two young missionaries.

Director's Statement

After filming The Falls in 2010, I spent the following two years in the post-production process. With little to no budget and limited prior knowledge about editing, I took my time learning the process and crafting the movie I wanted to make.

With a crew of no more than four people, we were able to shoot The Falls in seventeen days on a budget of less than $10,000. Actors and crew worked for little to nothing during this time to bring the story to life. It seemed that everyone involved cared deeply about this script and in the potential of the story. Ultimately, The Falls was made possible through the collaborative efforts of people who cared about the film and its message.

After much hard work and a successful run of festivals that included screenings in various cities around the world, The Falls was selected for distribution by Breaking Glass Pictures, and released in December 2012.

Following the release, I began hearing from people who were touched by the story of Chris and RJ in The Falls. Many wondered what happened after the tumultous end of the characters' Mission. After many inquiries, I decided to write a sequel to The Falls. I received emails from all over the world--the United States, Russia, South America, China, to name a few--and was inspired to write. The pace at which we completed The Falls: Testament of Love--seven months from concept to delivery--is a testament to the inspired actors and crew who worked on this film.

The Falls and The Falls: Testament of Love are films about faith, family, and staying true to yourself. You do not need to be a follower of any particular faith, or identify with a specific sexual orientation to understand the film's message. It is, at its very roots, a story about the transformational power of Love.

-- Jon Garcia, Writer/Director